Family in Pittsburgh

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Evelyn, Alexander, Jr., and Muriel - 1922-23 Evelyn holding the violin that Muriel eventually took serious lessons on, approximately 1926 Alexander, Jr. maybe - 1926-27 Muriel, Alexander, and Evelyn – about 1928 Evelyn, Alexander, Jr., and Muriel – probably about 1931-32 First home - 244 Chesterfield Road, Pittsburgh Second Home - 5425 Normlee Place, Pittsburgh Professor Lowy, Alexander, Jr, and Mrs Alexander Lowy – late 1930s
Wedding photo, Evelyn and Dr. J. Joseph Hersh, MD, 8/13/39 Wedding Invitation - Muriel to marry Mr. Robert J. Fleishman, 6/19/38 Wedding Photo, Alexander David Lowy, Jr. and Sybil Silvert, 10/14/47