Our Family at Pitt

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Professor Alexander Lowy’s fame and esteemed reputation impacted every member of his immediate family. Yet most of them were born after he tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1941 so they never even met him. But to some, their Grandfather soon became one of their heroes. They decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh because its name was respected and it was continually mentioned in their homes as they were growing up. The University enjoyed a fine reputation among colleges and universities worldwide. It was a good school, it was close by, and it was reasonably priced.


Following is the list of members of the Hersh / Fleishman / Lowy family who therefore “followed in his hallowed footsteps” and attended the University of Pittsburgh over the past 70 years.

Alexander Lowy's Children

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1. Dr. J. Joseph Hersh - Undergraduate degree BS (Pharmacy) (1923); then earned his MD 1926. Joe had Alexander Lowy as his teacher for Organic Chemistry. At that time Professor Lowy was even Joe’s favorite professor at Pitt.  “To marry into the Lowy family was a big deal for my father”, states daughter Jackie. Joe became a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, commonly referred to as the "Phi Beta Kappa for medical schools." As the only national honor medical society, its mission, developed over the past one hundred years, has been to recognize and enhance professionalism, academic excellence, service, and leadership within the profession. In 1986 the Hersh family endowed an Alpha Omega Alpha Memorial Scholarship in Medicine in Joseph Hersh’s name at the University of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine.

2. trophyEvelyn Lowy (Hersh) -undergraduate degree B.A. 1938. A highly recognized student she distinguished herself by being a member of John Marshall Club (pre-law society), the Woman’s Debating Team, the Mortar Board (National Senior Woman’s Honorary Fraternity), and also the Owl Hall of Fame (1938). She immediately entered Pitt Law School and completed her first semester but then dropped out before final exams at the end of her second semester – in order to get married.  In August 1939 she was married to Dr. J. Joseph Hersh. 

3. trophyMuriel Adele Lowy (Fleishman) - Married after her second year at Pitt, she became pregnant during her third year of college and then decided to withdraw from school in 1939. Later that year Bob, Jr. was born, oldest of the ten future grandchildren of Alexander Lowy. Interesting is the fact that both Muriel and Evelyn were sorority sisters as well – Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority and their mother Dora was the faculty advisor to AEPhi at Pitt.

4. trophyAlexander David Lowy Jr. – Undergraduate degree BS (“combined college & med school work”) 1943; then earned his M.D 1944. He attended both college and then medical school in only 5 years time. That would be a highly unusual accomplishment at this time. In college he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity and he played the flute (sterling silver) in the Pitt Marching Band. At the School of Medicine he was secretary of Phi Delta Epsilon, the international medical fraternity. This organization’s mission statement is to create “physicians of integrity with a life-long commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics”. Much later he became the Pitt football team physician and served in that role for many years, gratis.

5. Bob Neil Slotkin– undergraduate degree B.A. (English) 1962; then a Psychiatry Residency at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic 1970. 

6. Jacquelyn Ann Hersh (Slotkin) - undergraduate degree B.A. (English, Secondary Education) 1963.

7. Alex Hersh - attended Pitt (School of General Studies) 1964-65   

8. David Alexander Fleishman – undergraduate degree B.S. (Biochemistry) 1965.

9. Martin Fleishman – M.D. School of Medicine 1968; then a Psychiatry Residency at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic 1972.   

10. Alex Lowy – D.M.D. School of Dental Medicine 1976.

11. Gary Bruce Fleishman – M.D. School of Medicine 1976.

12. Howard Lowy – M.D. School of Medicine 1980 – elected to Alpha Omega Alpha

13. Darryl James Fleishman – undergraduate degree B.A. (pre-med) 1987.

14. Kimberly Sue Fleishman (Simon) – undergraduate degree B.S. (Child Development) 1989; followed by M.Ed. (Special Education for the Hearing Impaired), 1990.

15. Jana Leigh Fleishman (Savitz) – B.S.N. (5 year program) School of Nursing 1992.