Clapp Hall Memorial Seminar Room-1959

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The George Hubbard Clapp Hall of the University of Pittsburgh was constructed in 1959. It is named for George Hubbard Clapp (1858-1949), an alumnus (class of 1877) and president of Pitt's Board of Trustees for more than 40 years. Clapp was one of five who were responsible for the first commercial production of aluminum and was a founder of the Aluminum Company of America. This plaque outside the room recognizes that the room was the gift of the family, given in his memory to the University of Pittsburgh One of the views of the Alexander Lowy Memorial Seminar Room, at the time of the May 25, 1959 Dedication Ceremony Original painting of Alexander Lowy, PhD given by his students to the University in 1942 Alexander Lowy’s Bachelor of Science Degree from Columbia College dated June 7, 1911 Alexander Lowy’s Master of the Arts Degree from Columbia College in 1912 Alexander Lowy’s Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Columbia College dated June 2, 1915 A group of original US Patents from 1923 – 1939 awarded to Alexander Lowy, PhD
The original letter signed by Chancellor Edward H. Litchfield explaining the purpose and plan for the Dedication Ceremony on May 25, 1959 Family members present at the Ceremony. Top row (left to right): Robert Fleishman, Sr., Dr. Alexander Lowy, Jr., Sybil Lowy, Muriel Lowy Fleishman, Mrs. Alexander Lowy, Evelyn Lowy Hersh, Dr. J. Joseph Hersh, Jackie Hersh, and Alex Hersh. Lower row (left to right): Gary Fleishman, Arlene Lowy, David Fleishman, Alex Lowy, and Howard Lowy. Leather bound copy of the Dedication Ceremony Inner page with the location and date of the Dedication Ceremony Contents with the listing of the scheduled speakers Dr. Alexander Lowy, Dora Lowy & Max Lauffer at the Dedication Ceremony June 5, 1959 announcement in The Jewish Criterion Newspaper announcement from the 1980’s that the Lowy Room was to be refurbished, from The Octagonian of Sigma Alpha Mu
33 1/3 RPM recording of the Dedication Ceremony speeches, 1959 Close-up of the record label