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Other Obituaries

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1939-1943)

The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography. Volume 37. New York:, James T. White & Co., 1951

The Crucible, January 1942

The Jewish Criterion, Dec 1941

The Pitt News, University of Pittsburgh, January 5, 1942

Pitt, Spring 1942


Chemical and Engineering News of the American Chemical Society

The Chemist, Dec 1941

Mellon Institute News Jan 1, 1942

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Obituary in the New York Times, published December 26, 1941 Obituary from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, published December 26, 1941. Click to view PDF of the obituary On December 26, 1941 only two names appeared in the “What’s New Section” of the Wall Street Journal. These were the most famous Americans who had passed away the day before. Obituary from "Science", January 16, 1942, written by Alexander Silverman Photo that accompanies an obituary in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, volume 37, 1951 The page in the West View Cemetery ledger where Alexander Lowy’s burial information appears. Gravestone at the West View Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa. January 2, 1942 letter from Alexander Silverman, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, to Linus Pauling at the California Institute of Technology. States that their Professor of Organic Chemistry, Dr. Alexander Lowy, has passed away and they are looking for a replacement. Asks Linus Pauling to suggest an individual, an Assistant Professor, and an Instructor who are all trained in organic chemistry, courtesy of the Oregon State University Library Special Collections Department
January 14, 1942 response in the form of a letter from Linus Pauling back to Dr. Alexander Silverman, courtesy of the Oregon State University Library Special Collections Department The page of Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof’s funeral record that includes Alexander Lowy (9th down). Rabbi Freehof gave the eulogy at the funeral. The original of this page is at the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati, “Courtesy of Rodef Shalom Congregation Archives, Pittsburgh, PA”. “Past Pittsburgh Section Chair Remembered”, contributed by Joseph Jolson and Guy Berry, published in the December 2009 issue of The Crucible, newsletter of the Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society Memorial bookmark used after Dr. Alexander Lowy’s entire library of books was donated in March 1942 by Mrs. Alexander Lowy to the University of Pittsburgh Chemistry Department Library. This consisted of about 150 volumes, not including journals. artist’s rendering of the headstone, by Campbell-Horigan 2/20/43 additional drawing related to the headstone, by Campbell-Horigan 2/20/43 from the Alumni Newsletter, December 1942, describing portrait painting and also the newly created Memorial Scholarship Fund from the Chicago Herald, July 1942
In Memoriam from the Mellon University News from the Octagonian of Sigma Alpha Mu from the Chemist, Dec 1941 sympathy and condolences in a resolution by the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity