Early Facts

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  1. He received his early education in the New York City public schools.

  2. He attended the Townsend Harris Hall High School, Queens from 1905-1908

  3. From 1908 to 1910 he attended the College of the City of New York.

  4. Then registered for attendance at Columbia during the summer session of 1910

  5. He was also an evening instructor in the DeWitt Clinton High School for several years prior to going to Columbia

  6. Prior to 1910 or so he worked briefly at the Belasco Theater and then became an usher in the old Roxy Theater in NYC. This helped him earn his way through Columbia.

  7. In 1912 during his first year of graduate study he was awarded a Columbia University Scholarship in organic chemistry.

  8. During the summer of 1913 and 1914 he was an Engineering Chemist for the City of New York.

  9. His major work was in the field of Organic Chemistry under Columbia’s Professor Marston T. Bogert, leader in the field of organic chemistry and president of the International Union of Chemistry.
  10. He worked with the Williamsburgh Chemical Company during 1916-17.

  11. He taught in the Commercial High School of Brooklyn from 1916-18.

  12. He served as chemist for the Aetna Explosives Company during part of 1918.

  13. His first publication (maybe 1919) was “Study Questions” which included examination questions so that students didn’t have to go blindly into their classrooms and onto their examinations.