Honorary and Professional Societies

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  1. American Association for the Advancement of Science - Became a member in 1935 and was made a Fellow that same year but resigned his membership in 1936 (for some unknown reason). An important luncheon hosted by AAAS Section K on Social and Economic Sciences was held in the Ball Room of the Hotel Schenley in Pittsburgh, Saturday, December 29, 1934. Secretary of Commerce Honorable Henry A. Wallace spoke at that event and even Albert Einstein was present. Both Dr. and Mrs. Lowy attended since he was a “distinguished local”.

  2. American Electrochemical Society, “Alexander Lowy had a very active and leading role in our Society”. 

      1. Member of the Organic Electrochemistry Technical Committee: 1922-1929

      2. Becomes Chair of the Organic Electrochemistry Technical Committee: 1929-1939

      3. Chairman, Electro-Organic Division: 1939-death

      4. Member of the Membership Committee: 1926-death

      5. Manager of the Society: 1930-1933.

      6. Chairman, Publication Committee: 1931-death

      7. Chairman, Committee on E.S. $100.00 prize: 1931-death

      8. Society Vice-President: 1934-1936; 1939-1941

      9. Society Rep to the National Research Council Committee on Electro-Organic Chemistry: 1940-death

  3. American Chemical Society, joined in 1915.

    1. Pittsburgh Section

      1. Live Wire Club (to recruit new members) 1923

      2. Vice Chairman 1926

      3. Program Committee - Chairman

      4. Member of the Reception and Introduction Committee

      5. Chairman 1927

      6. Program Committee – Chairman

      7. Chairman 1928

      8. Program Committee – Chairman 

      9. Councilor 1929

      10. Councilor 1930

      11. Councilor 1931

      12. Assistant Chairman of the Reception Committee for the (National) meeting of the American Chemical Society which was held in Pittsburgh in 1936

  4. American Association of University Professors. elected to membership beginning in February 1923.

  5. Hebrew Institute of Technology in Haifa, Palestine – was a member in 1940 and 1941 of the Pittsburgh Chapter for the Advancement of that Institute. Professor Albert Einstein was a national officer.

  6. Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society – was made an honorary member from the University of Pittsburgh Chapter (057) on Feb 12, 1931 (SX 1931) along with Dr. Alexander Silverman and Dr. Abraham L. Robinson.  “This is a signal and unique honor, as only those who have achieved distinct merit and recognition in the fields of science literature or art are eligible”

  7. Phi Lambda Upsilon - honorary science society’s member since at least 1927. This organization was founded in March 1899 at the University of Illinois. On March 17, 1938 Alexander Lowy gave a major address at the Mellon Institute to the Joint Program of the American Chemical Society of Pittsburgh and also Phi Lambda Upsilon.

  8. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, he was the main impetus to the creation of a Psi chapter at the University of Pittsburgh on 12/6/1919 and then he remained the Faculty advisor and honorary member for more than 10 years.

  9. University of Pittsburgh - Faculty Chairman of Registration

  10. Faculty Club of the University of Pittsburgh - Member

  11. Committee on Electro-Organic Chemistry of the National Research Council – member for fiscal years 1939-40 and 1940-41. This was a committee situated within the NRC Division of Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

  12. The American Institute of Chemists – member beginning 1937.