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  1. Dr. Lowy cooperated with others in giving early chemistry talks over the University of Pittsburgh Studio of Westinghouse Station KDKA. In 1924 and 1926 and also 1928 these lectures were given Wednesday evenings at 8:15 and were printed afterwards in Radio Publication.

    1. Radio Talk: The Role of Chemistry in Every-Day Life, broadcast October 29, 1924 Title: Coal, a Factor in Industry and Health

    2. Radio Talk: Chemistry and Human Progress, broadcast Jan 27, 1926 Title: Dyes as a Civilizing Factor

      1. Outline and Bibliograhy

    3. Radio Talks: Leaves from the Notebook of the Chemist, broadcast January 18, 1928 Title: Making Medicines

  2. Beginning in 1923 Dr. Alex Lowy began to edit the “Science Club” notes in “Scholastic”, a high school paper which was published in Pittsburgh first and then was nationally circulated through high schools across the United States.  The first issue of the Scholastic, which billed itself as "The National High School Bi-Weekly," was published on September 16, 1922 and sold for 15 cents per copy. Scholastic Publishing Company was founded in Pittsburgh in 1920 and grew up to become one of the world's leading children's book publishers. The Scholastic, the magazine for high school students, dated Sept 15, 1923, published bi-weekly by the Scholastic Publishing Company, Pittsburgh, Pa (at the time). Science Club article on page 25 titled “Make your Own Ink: Here’s How by Alexander Silverman and Alexander Lowy (click for PDF)

  3. Technical Director of Federal Laboratories, Inc. (subsidiary of Breeze Corp.)

  4. Laboratory was in Shaw Hall at the University of Pittsburgh

  5. “Served often as an industrial consultant”

  6. Spent time at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland

  7. Did supervisory work at Mellon Institute of Industrial Research overseeing postdoctoral fellows. With members of the staff worked on chemistry of substances derived from petroleum.

  8. Invented a method for the safeguarding of bank vaults”

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