Dr. Alexander Lowy Scholarship Award

“Reactivation of the Dr. Alexander Lowy Cup was approved by the Octagon at its 2011 Spring Meeting.  The Awards Committee determined that the award should be in the form of a plaque so that it no longer has to "travel" among the chapters. Each chapter can keep their award if/when they win it. Each award will carry the winning chapter's name.

The national bylaws of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity show the official name of this award as the Dr. Alexander Lowy Scholarship Award.  The winner will be listed in the Fall Octagonian each year and also on the Fraternity website www.sam.org



The 2011 winner is the Theta Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania. Click to go to the 2011 Convention page of Sigma Alpha Mu. Chapter Awards are about 2/3 down on the page. The Alexander Lowy Scholarship award is about 2/3 down in lhe Awards listing. In the picture are: James P. Walton III, Prior, Theta Chapter (center). Noah Kaswell, Vice Prior, Theta Chapter (right) Dan Grossberg, Vice Supreme Prior (left)
    Sigma Alpha Mu 2011 Alexander Lowy Scholarship Award Winner Dr. Alexander Lowy Scholarship Award-2011